A Memoir by Lisa Vaughn

Lisa was conservatively raised in a Catholic family in no-where middle America, where excitement is scarce and dreams are for sleeping. Little did she know, at age thirteen, she would suddenly find herself on a totally different path.

Through an unlikely chance meeting of a fellow classmate, she's surprisingly mesmerized, almost consumed, to befriend a girl who is obviously from the other side of the tracks...the cool side. Lisa does whatever she has to just to be accepted into this small club of coolness. Little did she realize, she was signing up for a lot more than social status. The two best friends find themselves innocently taking their relationship to a foreign level neither had experienced or saw coming.

A rollercoaster ride littered with choices and challenges Lisa never fathomed facing, especially in no-where middle America. She will find out what she is made of as she faces the consequences and struggles that come along with going against the grain.

Throughout their six year relationship, you will witness a touching story of human nature at its best...and at its worst. Showing just how far the human spirit can be challenged and pushed to a point where your “fight or flight” instincts naturally kick in. Struggling just to survive in a world where you are not like everyone else, but at the same time you really are. The daily struggles - both internal and external - are exhausting, yet necessary in their quest for one simple human need....love.

Finally breaking through all constraints that hold them back, reaching levels of one-ness that few actually obtain in a lifetime with their partner...only to find once they've reached that special place, it's not quite the right fit...for one of them, at least.

This contemporary story, told in the voice of the teen that lived it, will lead the reader through highs and lows, giving insight to the everyday challenges of the socially unaccepted, which will no doubt leave them rooting for the underdog. A true story of human resilience and the power of love...plain and simple.

*Please be advised, this memoir is real, honest, and raw. If you're looking for your typical 'sterilized' read, I'm not your girl - but if you're looking for a read that is written from the heart, certain to impact you on a human level, follow me! Have I got a story for you!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday's Mindset Of A Hippie-Chick: Getting To Know You Via 1 Appliance

Some people read tarot cards, some read tea leaves...I read refrigerators!   
Not what's inside, mind you, it's whats on the OUTside...  

Call it a crazy quirk, but I've been doing it for some time now and it's amazingly accurate. Even if I've never met you, one inspection of what you have hanging on your fridge tells me a lot about the person that inhabits that space. It's a fun little game I play while doing my 'other' profession - pet sitting. Yes folks, being an indie artist/author doesn't always pay like you'd think it would (ha) so my alter-ego watches people's pets while they're away on vacation. This is when I started my unique way of figuring people out without truly knowing them on a personal level.  I'm not a snooper, I swear! But I do find it interesting to view this unique window into a strangers life.

Think about it...
*A neat freak, possibly OCD? Your fridge front will be stark and ultra clean, probably nothing on the front but shine!
*Couple just starting a family? Your fridge has tons of kid pics, children's artwork,calendars with events scheduled, colorful ABC magnets, and a good share of greasy fingerprints.
*Grandparent? Same as family oriented, but more 'finger-paintings', miscellaneous holiday art projects, and 'I miss you' artwork.   
*Single? A few funny magnets, party photos of you with friends that have their faces too close to the camera lens, coupons for pizza, takeout menus, and maybe an inspirational saying or two for motivation. 
*Newly married - no kids yet? You have an array of wedding pics and pet photos. You display your '1st child' proudly and refer to them as your son or daughter in the pic. Plus pizza/takeout coupons too. 
*Weekend Parent? Same as single's fridge, with a few snapshots of you and a kid at a bowling alley birthday party  or school pic.
*Artist? Your fridge is full of color and funny, quirky -sometimes inspiring- magnets. Your fridge looks like a work of art with your carefully arranged assortment of eye-candy. A work of art within itself. 
*Depressed occupant? Not much to see here, same as neat freak, but not so neat. You can 'feel' the sadness. 
*Overly busy/stressed out? Your fridge front has a lot of unnecessary clutter - old pics, expired coupons, dusty out-dated stuff. But you don't notice because you are too busy, plus the fridge stresses you out even more! 
*Athletic/Gym rat? Inspirational sayings and charts of progress; running, cycling, weight loss, etc... Possibly some ribbons, awards, or conversion chart for kilometers to miles.   
*Fun party couple? You have the 'must-have' for parties...about 100 single-word magnets that when arranged make funny, often nasty, sentences. I can tell what kind of party you had by reading the latest draft displayed. 

The list goes on and on, but you see my point. Yeah it might be stereotyping to a degree, but we all usually fall into one category or another - I'm not judging, merely observing!  

I know what you are doing right now, you're looking at your fridge in horror, realizes what it says about you, aren't you? Don't lie!  Hey, our homes are our safe havens - the one place we can truly be ourselves 24/7. So I say let your fridge freak-flag fly! Just be prepared for 'fridge-readers' like myself to sneak a peek...we can't help it, and I bet you won't be able to either, next time you encounter someones tell-all appliance. 

And I also know what you're saying right now...ok smarty pants, what's on YOUR fridge? Ok, fair question.  MY fridge has been spray painted orange-yellow with a bright red handle,  has multiple colorful magnets - mostly humorous, colorful plastic lizards, and letters that spell out: 'Eating Is A Weakness' - my hubby's favorite saying.  
Good luck figuring me out!  


  1. I was a "cover every square inch of my fridge with magnets & paper kind of girl" until we re-did our kitchen two years ago. Now I only use the sides which is funny because you can see them just as clearly as the front but it makes me feel like I'm keeping the kitchen neat lol! One side is all my 5yr old's ABC 123 magnets & the other side is pics of the kiddos & their schedules... go ahead - analyze away :)

    An orange & red fridge? You must post a pic!!

  2. I love this post! So fun! My fridge is filled with all kinds of items you could analyze! ") Your fridge sounds interesting, too!



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